Downloadable Brochures From
American College of Sports Medicine

The following brochures are available free-of-charge as PDF files you are welcome to print and share. These brochures are no longer available for sale; please print as many copies as you need.

Selecting and Effectively Using Series...

Balance Training Tools for Older Adults

Clothing for Inclement Weather

Elliptical Trainer

Free Weights

A Health/Fitness Facility

Heart Rate Monitors

A Home Treadmill

Home Weights

Medicine Balls


A Personal Trainer

A Rowing Machine

Rubber Band Resistance Exercise

Running Shoes

Sports Drinks, CarbohydrateGels,
and Energy Bars

Stability Balls

Stair Stepper/Stair Climber

Stationary Bicycles

A Walking Program

A Yoga Class

Healthy Play Series...

Exercise-Induced Asthma

Exercise Your Way to
Lower Blood Pressure

Female Athlete Triad: Amenorrhea, Eating Disorders, and Osteoporosis


Sprains, Strains, and Tears

Youth Football:
Heat Stress and Injury Risk

Careers and Evaluations Series...

Pre-participation Physical Examinations

Return to Play (A Coach's Guide)


Current Comments Available from
American College of Sports Medicine.

ACSM Current Comments are fact sheets on a variety of health and fitness topics, including exercise, youth sports and health, athletes and sports, and much more.

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