Clothing/Donation Center

The Mississippi State Hospital Clothing/Donation Center (C/DC) is a free service to patients, Jaquith Nursing Home residents, and Community Services consumers. The center provides individuals with a variety of essential items such as coats, underwear, T-shirts, shoes and other clothing.


Items are distributed to those who do not have appropriate clothing and lack the funds to purchase essential items.

State Purchases and Donations

Because Mississippi State Hospital (MSH) serves a wide age group, donations are welcomed year round. In-kind donations of goods and services are accepted as well as monetary donations, which are used to make purchases of necessary items.

Operating on a limited budget, the C/DC receives its inventory through state purchases and donations from caring citizens. All donated items are carefully inspected and cleaned, if necessary, to ensure the highest quality for patients, residents and individuals in the community.

Other donations of clothing, videos, books, magazines, games, furniture etc., are also accepted and welcomed for transitional living and Community Services.


Monthly Inspection of Clothing Needs

Once clothing is issued, the C/DC staff conducts monthly inspections of each patient and nursing home building. These inspections ensure each individual has an appropriate amount of clothing and that the clothing is wearable and accounted for.


The services provided by the C/DC would not be possible without support from volunteers.

Items We Need:

  • Clothes (New and Gently Worn)
    •  Men's and Women's Clothes
    •  Shoes (dress, casual and shower shoes)
    •  Coats/Jackets
    •  Pajamas/Gowns
    •  Socks
    •  Belts/Suspenders
    •  Purses
    •  Jewelry (bracelets, clip earrings, necklaces)
  • Entertainment:
    •  Bibles
    •  Books
    •  Tapes/CDs
    •  Craft Supplies
    •  DVD Player(s)
    •  PG and PG-13 Rated DVD's
    •  Crayons
    •  Coloring Books
    •  Stationary
  • Personal Care - Products Must Be Alcohol Free in Pump or Squeeze Bottles:
    •  Lotion
    •  Shampoo/Conditioner
    •  Deodorant
    •  Powder
    •  Perfume/Cologne
    •  Cosmetics (lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow)
    •  Nail Polish
    •  Hair Accessories (headbands, barrettes, hairbrushes, combs)
  • Sports & Miscellaneous
    •  Bop It
    •  Sidewalk Chalk
    •  Basketballs
    •  Footballs
    •  Volleyballs
    •  Frisbee
    •  Kickball/Soccer ball
    •  Hula Hoops
    •  Jump Ropes

  • Card Games
    •  Phase 10
    •  UNO
    •  Skip-Bo
    •  Old Maid
    •  Gold Fish
  • Board Games
    •  Scrabble
    •  Life
    •  Connect Four
    •  Checkers
    •  Charades
    •  Bingo
    •  Guess Who
    •  Tic Tac Toe
    •  Pictionary
    •  Monopoly
  • Board Games - Children
    •  Candy Land
    •  Scattergories
    •  Taboo
    •  Sorry
    •  Clue
    •  Boggle
    •  Monopoly, Jr.
    •  Trouble
    •  4 in a Row
    •  Clue Jr.
    •  Topple
    •  Stack 'em
    •  Guess Who
    •  Chutes & Ladders
  • Household
    •  Blankets
    •  Pillows
    •  Dishes
    •  Pots & Pans
    •  Cooking Utensils
    •  Artwork
    •  Linen
    •  Small Appliance