Whitfield Medical Surgical Hospital
Whitfield Medical Surgical Hospital (60)

Whitfield Medical Surgical Hospital (WMSH) provides acute inpatient medical care to Mississippi State Hospital patients and residents, as well as those from the six other regional health care facilities operated by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. Services also include medical laboratory, radiology, electroconvulsive therapy and outpatient clinic care. Outpatient clinics include general medicine, podiatry, urology, neurology and orthopedic care.

WMSH also operates an 11-bed Geropsychiatric Unit. Services of the Geropsychiatric Unit are available to JNH residents 60 years of age and older who require psychiatric support. In addition, patients and residents can be referred for admission through any Mississippi State Hospital service area, as well as other DMH facilities. Operating under the philosophy of "success through interdependence," patient treatment includes psychopharmacology; a structured environment with focus on therapeutic communication techniques; intense activities of daily living programming; and individual behavior management programming.