Residential Programs

The Residential Program includes three general psychiatric group homes, a group home for men diagnosed with mental illness and alcohol/substance addiction, and supervised-living apartments. All group homes are designed to assist individuals to function more independently; however, all group homes offer 24-hour supervision. Emphasis is placed on training and assistance in medication management, cooking, household management and maintaining optimal physical and mental health. Individuals are charged rent, and is assigned various tasks to help maintain the home-like environment. Individuals approved for placement receive regularly scheduled psychiatric evaluations by a physician, medication monitoring, and nursing and case management services. Additionally, psychological and educational services are available upon request. The length of stay varies with each individual.

(Above) Crossroads Halfway House is a seven-bed facility that functions as the intake facility for new referrals. Two of the beds are maintained as increased support placement services beds for the Stubbs Homeless Program.
(Above) Kitty Mitchell Group Home is a 12-bed facility.
(Left) Villa Hope Group Home is a 15-bed facility and is usually considered to be the discharge site for the Residential Program.
(Right) MICARE (Mental Illness with Chemical/Alcohol Addiction Recovery Environment) is a 12-bed group home for men. The program offers a non-confrontational educational approach to dual diagnosis recovery rather than the more traditional 12-step model.
(Left) The Supervised Apartments are located at Hallmark Gardens apartment complex in Jackson. These apartments offer housing for individuals who are not yet ready to establish themselves in an independent-living arrangement. This program provides minimum supervision. Each individual’s progress is monitored to ensure access to services and activities. Individuals pay minimum rent and are responsible for their food and any amenities (telephone, cable, etc.). Utilities, basic furniture and house-ware items are provided at no additional charge.