Child and Adolescent Services

Oak Circle Center (23)

Child and Adolescent Services (Oak Circle Center) is located on Building 23.  It is an acute behavioral health program for children and adolescents experiencing emotional and/or behavioral problems at home, in school and/or in the community.  The goal is to provide each individual with evaluation and treatment which assist them in progressing to a higher level of functioning and successful residence in a less restrictive environment.  Education services are provided through Lakeside School, Building 25.

Adolescent Substance Use Service  : A primary substance use treatment program for male and female adolescents who are engaging in harmful drug or alcohol use behaviors.   The program employs evidence-based individual and group behavioral health interventions grounded in Cognitive Behavioral TherapyMotivational Enhancement, and Twelve-Step Facilitation.  In addition to targeting substance use behaviors, the program helps adolescents with presenting co-occurring diagnoses, family/relational problems, and impactful traumatic experiences.

Front view of Lakeside School (25)

Rear view of Lakeside School (25)

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