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Thank you for considering Jaquith Nursing Home (JNH) for your loved one's long-term care. The information below highlights our services and our admissions process.

Jaquith Nursing Home does not discriminate based on sex, race, age, religion or national origin. All applicants are considered for admission based on their medical, social and psychological needs, along with our facility's ability to meet those needs. The applicant's gender, medical condition and nursing needs will be considered when selecting one of our Medicaid-certified Inns that most appropriately meets your loved one's individual need

Upon receipt of the following information, JNH can consider your loved one for admission.

  1. Department of Medicaid Pre-Admission Screening Application [PAS] for Long Term Care
  2. Physician's physical examination report of the applicant [completed within the last 30 days]
  3. Two-step Mantoux tuberculin skin test and chest x-ray results [completed within the past 30 days]
  4. Medical history
  5. Social history
  6. Level II evaluation report. (If applicable, the physician will indicate on the DOM 260 form that the applicant has symptoms or a diagnosis of mental illness or intellectual/developmental disability. Your community mental health center can assist you in obtaining the required evaluation.)
  7. Copies of legal documents having to do with guardianship, conservatorship, power of attorney appointments, etc.
  8. Copies of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and VA cards
  9. Nurse's notes and progress notes for the past 30 days (if applicable)
  10. List of current medications
  11. Source of payment information

Placing a loved one into someone else's care is often a difficult step. JNH is accredited by The Joint Commission; the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Mississippi's Department of Health Division of Licensure and Certification. Your loved one will be in good hands.

To speak with our admissions coordinator about other questions or concerns, please call Taisha Travis at 601.351.8051. To meet the JNH leadership team, click here.


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