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Jaquith Nursing Home is a 379-bed long-term care program consisting of 9 buildings which are divided into five separately licensed Inns. Each Inn is licensed and accredited by The Joint Commission and committed to providing only the highest quality of care.

Individuals determined appropriate for nursing home care by their physician and whose medical and social needs can be met by the program are assigned to the building with a vacancy which will best meet their identified medical, social and emotional needs. Both private-pay and Medicaid-approved individuals are accepted at Jaquith Nursing Home.
Jaquith Nursing Home is committed to serving individuals who are in need of nursing care in a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment.

Jaquith Nursing Home will provide services necessary to attain, or maintain, the highest practicable physical, mental and psychological well-being of its residents in a manner and environment that preserves and enhances each resident's dignity and self-respect. JNH strives to provide these services in the least restrictive manner possible and seeks to allow each resident to exercise self-determination in the development of their individual care plan. JNH considers our residents' family members/responsible parties to be our customers as well as important support for our residents. Family members are encouraged to participate in care planning and activities with their loved ones.


In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Mississippi's elderly population was growing. However, resources to provide care for them were limited and decreasing. Concerned that elderly patients from Mississippi State Hospital would have nowhere to go upon discharge, Mississippi Department of Mental Health director Dr. William L. Jaquith opened the first nursing home on the hospital's Whitfield campus in June 1976.

After suffering a stroke in 1979, Jaquith, at his own request, lived out the last years of his life as a resident in the nursing home he founded. "Whitfield is my one true love," he would often say.

Named in his honor, JNH is managed by Mississippi State Hospital, but is separately licensed and accredited. JNH is not a "psychiatric" nursing home; it operates as private nursing homes do, accepting individuals in need of long-term care.

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